Training Equipment

When you start – just show up

When you start training, you do not need any equipment. Please wear something sporty and comfortable. (more about your first training)

training photoEquipment


Equipment to buy

  1. Boxing gloves and mouth guard. Recommended gloves sizes for men: 10-12 oz, women: 8-10 oz. When to buy? As soon as possible.
  2. Groin guard – One of the first things to buy. Groin protectors come in men and women’s versions. When to get one? As soon as possible.
  3. Shin guards. When? When you have all the items listed above.
  4. MMA / grappling gloves. When? After 2-3 months into training.
  5. Head guard (helmet). When? After at least 3-4 months, recommended for sparring sessions.
  6. optional – Knee pads (soft volleyball-style, not tactical)
  7. optional for women – Breast protector. When? When you decide you need it.
  8. optional – Forearm protectors. When? When you decide you need them.

equipment photoAfter Sparrings