Krav Maga and CQB

Krav Maga 2.0 – Law Enforcement Krav Maga, CQB, Kapap, MMA, Tactical Fighting

We adapt all the time. We take what works. In krav maga, kapap, wrestling, boxing, kick-boxing, muay thai, BJJ and MMA. We test it and make sure it will work in real life, self-defense context and under pressure.

Krav maga (contact combat) and Kapap are Israeli hand to hand military combat systems. Their priorities are the same – fast response, quick learning curve, effective problem solving with straight forward and aggressive reactions. Kapap, as a younger system is closer to its military and law enforcement roots. The most updated version of Kapap is simply called Israeli CQB, we blend it with our KRAV to create the best self protection system you can train in this part of Europe.




What is CQB

CQB means Close Quarter Battle. It refers to military and law enforcement approach and tactics used in confrontations taking place in urban areas, indoors, in the streets and small spaces. We train Israeli CQB – developed and taught by IKF (Israeli Kapap Federation) and Head Instructor Amit Himelstein.

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