The Team

Team photoTeam 2018


The team started in 2015 as a group of Polish friends trained by me in Seiken Dojo and Familia Fitness gym. We were having sessions of fighting, self-defence and cross-training with kettlebells, interval training and bodyweight exercises.
We started growing, more people joined and at that time I was ready to step up. We became the first international Krav Maga group in Budapest – trained by a foreigner and instructed fully in English.


Seiken Dojo2016

In 2016 we joined KMG Hungary. I was proud to train with Hungarian instructor team and learn from Tal Kvores. In October 2017 I decided to move on and we became the first Combat Krav Maga team in Hungary, cooperating with Lior Offenbach after Combat Krav Maga Instructor Course I graduated in Israel. Still looking for the best teachers, knowledge sources and solutions, I decided to join IKF (International Kapap Federation) and teach the Israeli CQB protocols to my Team.

PresentationBartosz with Amit

With each step my krav maga and my classes were becoming more and more professional, more realistic and more straight forward.

I called the group Team Barbarian, because what we do is unlike what others in Hungary do. As a foreigner and Polish I represent a different approach, different background and different mentality.

With me you learn fighting from day one. You spend your time getting stronger, more confident and learning how to strike and solve problems effectively. I teach tactical fighting and self-defence. Join us. – Bartosz


Knife seminar November 2017Team Barbarian 2018